Patent Portfolio

HemaCure harnesses the adaptive potential of stem cells coupled with incisive gene therapies to produce an powerful platform technology with tremendous versatility.

HemaCure owns several United States patents, many with issued or pending counterpart patents in selected foreign countries. HemaCure aggressively seeks patent protection for its technologies and products in the United States and foreign countries where protection is commercially important.

HemaCure is developing a series of cell-based therapies derived using a proprietary and patented platform technology which enables safe, nontoxic replacement of autologous CD34+ stem cells. This technology employs off-the-shelf mobilization factors to encourage migration of CD34+ stem cells from bone marrow niches and into the peripheral blood. Mobilized CD34+ cell can then be harvested, engineered, and placed back into the patient without the conventional use of cyto/genotoxic drugs such as chemotherapy and/or irradiation.

Development of nontoxic cell replacement methodology removes several of the barriers that limit widespread use of CD34+ cell replacement therapies - as conventional methods have both severe and lasting adverse effects that are high risk to many patients. Further, these neutropenic patients require 24/7 monitoring and care over several weeks of recovery, drastically increasing the procedure-related costs. HemaCure's cell replacement platform makes conventional methodology obsolete - resulting in a gentle, outpatient procedure.

One example of the effectiveness and utility of this platform is captured in our strategy to treat Parkinson's patients. This technology employs the use of CD34+ stem cell-derived macrophages to effectively deliver neurotrophic factors across the blood brain barrier and specifically to site of neuron degeneration. This system leverages macrophages natural attraction to inflammation, a by-product of Parkinson's Disease progression, to deliver effective therapeutic drugs to unobtainable locations in the brain that prevent disease progression. As a permanent cell replacement therapy, patients would enjoy life-long neuroprotection.
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