Research Focus

Our Focus: CD34+ Cell Replacement

HemaCure harnesses the adaptive potential of stem cells coupled with incisive gene therapies to produce an powerful platform technology with tremendous versatility.

Nontoxic Cell Replacement

HemaCure has conceptualized and developed a safe, nontoxic cell replacement platform that can be tailored to treat a range of diseases. Removal of the highly toxic reagents required for conventional bone marrow transplants simplifies the entire process to be performed as an outpatient procedure. Further, our cell replacement platform is highly regulatable giving us control over the level of therapeutic CD34+ cell engraftment into the patient, resulting in an additional layer of dosing control of the therapeutic drug product. Lastly, replacement of CD34+ cells allows the patient to enjoy life-long benefits of drug delivery after the procedure is performed.

Lenti-Viral Gene Therapy

Info on the lenti-viral strategy - advantages, over earlier generations of viral gene insertion and other gene insertion methods.
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