Research Focus

Research Focus

HemaCure leverages its expertise in CD34+ cell replacement and gene engineering fields to develop next-generation cell therapies addressing unmet medical needs.

HemaCure has conceptualized and developed a safe, nontoxic cell replacement platform that can be tailored to treat a range of diseases. Learn more about Our Focus: CD34+ Cell Replacement.

Removal of the required highly toxic reagents from conventional bone marrow replacement procedures overcomes the most challenging of barriers limiting widespread use of CD34+ cell therapies, simplifying the entire therapy into an outpatient procedure. See a list of candidate therapies in our Pipeline.

Macrophage-mediated drug delivery is a novel approach to leverage the natural attraction of macrophages to inflammation caused by neuron degeneration to deliver our drug product to halt the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. Learn more about our treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.

Treating other neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease is identical to the macrophage-mediated drug delivery approach for Parkinson’s disease tailored to deliver a drug product shown to be effective in disease models. Learn more about our treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Treating aged CD34+ cells with a proprietary cocktail to restore youthful function and improve healthy lifespan. Learn more about our treatment for Blood and Immune Rejuvenation.

Retrofitting our platform technology to target a range of rare disease indications. Learn more about our Rare Disease targets.
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